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                    The 99th percentile: That is our target for your video abstract. When your journal gives you the opportunity to submit a video abstract, use LetPub to complete this resource-intensive task on an expedited deadline. Our team of innovative script writers, illustrators, animators, and professional voice actors will produce a video abstract with unmatched production quality. A creative lead and scientific adviser (PhD or MD) will verify the quality and accuracy of the project to ensure that your manuscript has the potential to be promoted by the journal as a featured video abstract. This product can also be leveraged to promote your work in ways that are unmatched by traditional manuscripts. Examples include social media postings, department newsletters, university and laboratory websites, and TV news segments; the video abstract is a reusable communication tool! You’ll find more examples and detailed guidance in your Video Abstract Media Guide that is included with each video abstract project.

                    Our Guarantee:

                    Our subject-matter experts and talented animators will collaborate to provide you with a fully narrated, 2–3 minute animated video that appeals to a broad audience. If the journal finds an issue with the quality of your video abstract, we will correct the deficiency free of charge. To increase the value, we’ll also include:

                    • Separate audio and slide files for your project
                    • Promotion of your video on our Youtube channel and via our social media initiatives
                    • A media guide for leveraging the video abstract to promote your work and career

                    I needed a scientific animation video in a month. With just a 2-page storyboard, showing sample images and a narration, LetPub sent me a fast and reasonable quote without all the question/answer back and forth that can make these engagements time intensive. Then they went to work, provided more revision to the script and gave me the first version with a week to spare. We had plenty of time for edits, which they did quickly. Also, they took our institutions marketing communication standards and implemented that wrapper perfectly to video. I couldn’t be happier and look forward to working with LetPub again.

                    Harold Solomon
                    VentureLab, Georgia Institute of Technology

                    How it works

                    Click on Get Started and you will be directed to the inquiry form.
                    Day 0
                    Approve the narration and title slide of your Storyboard.
                    Day 10
                    Approve the animated Milestone Video.
                    Day 20
                    Receive your completed Video Abstract and all ancillary materials.
                    Day 25


                    All members of the video abstract team are employees of LetPub bound by confidentiality agreements. LetPub will not publish or share your video without your explicit permission.


                    Why do I have to upload my manuscript/figures/tables in pdf format?

                    The pdf format allows for comprehensive manipulation during the animation process. If necessary, you can work with the customer service team to submit your documents in an alternative vector image file format.

                    Will LetPub share my video abstract?

                    Only if you want us to! In an effort to promote your work, LetPub can leverage its online presence to post and share your video abstract. However, we will do so only with your permission. You are free to opt out at any time.

                    Will I have input during the project?

                    Absolutely. The inquiry form will allow you to specify any comments or requests for the project. Additionally, the Milestone Storyboard is sent to you by the 10-day mark so that you can approve the narration. While we ask clients to trust our team of editors and animators, if you have changes or errors in content that need to be reflected in the video abstract, we will ensure that the appropriate modifications are made.

                    Can my video abstract be used for the “Audio Slides” feature promoted by many major publishers?

                    Of course. In fact, the production quality will exceed most author-made audio slides that are currently published alongside manuscripts. Our animation team aims for top-quality videos that increase the likelihood of our clients being selected by journals for highlighted or showcased video abstracts.

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