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                    Increasingly authors need animations for digital manuscript submissions and conference presentations or lectures. These short animations can be powerful tools for communicating exceedingly difficult scientific concepts. They can provide a tremendous advantage with reviewers when submitted as part of a competitive manuscript. Utilize our team of exceptional graphic designers to craft these animations for you. LetPub will present you with an intuitive and cleverly designed animation according to your preferences.

                    Our Guarantee:

                    We guarantee that the animations we produce will accurately express your scientific meaning and that they will work as delivered. Should the journal raise any issues—or should you require assistance integrating it into a specific format—we will assist you at no extra charge. All items we produce will be fully original and optimally reflect your findings.

                    Price: Pricing varies by project. Submit service request to receive a quote.

                    I needed a scientific animation video in a month. With just a 2-page storyboard, showing sample images and a narration, LetPub sent me a fast and reasonable quote without all the questions/answer back and forth that can make these engagements time intensive. Then they went to work, asked for more detail in the voice-over script and gave me the first version with a week to spare. We had plenty of time for edits, which they did quickly. Also, they took our marcom standards and implemented that wrapper perfectly to standards. I couldn’t be happier and look forward to working with Letpub again.

                    Harold Solomon
                    VentureLab, Georgia Institute of Technology

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                    Required materials:*
                    (1) Summary of project parameters. Please include the following items: *
                    • summary of the manner in which this video will be used
                    • intended audience and/or venue
                    • objectives you have for using the video (e.g., securing seed-funding, animation for a conference presentation, etc.)
                    (2) Relevant study *
                    (3) Relevant figures and tables in a vector graphics format (pdf) *
                    Please provide relevant materials, such as existing figures, tables, or reference pictures (hand-drawn sketches, examples of final images, etc.). If you have more than one file to upload, please compress them into a .zip/.rar file. If the file size is greater than 25 MB, please submit it by email to project@letpub.com.
                    Recommended materials:
                    (1) Relevant images/pictures
                    (2) Relevant presentations that you have given for this content
                    Instructions to the Scientific Video team:
                    To help us understand your expectations, please briefly describe your thoughts on the presentation of your study, such as the key elements to be included in the design, and the relationship between these elements. If applicable, please indicate any specific format requirements (size, resolution, etc.)

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