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                    Chinese Social Media Launch & Development

                    Wechat, the Chinese version of Twitter and Facebook with similar functions, currently has over a billion user accounts (most of them in China). LetPub staff have years of experience utilizing this effective channel for outreach and direct interaction with Chinese researchers :

                    • We setup Wechat accounts for publishers and societies and assist with daily operation, as needed.
                          - We can build followers for publishers and societies at an estimated number of new followers in the first six months (to be provided upon request)
                    • We develop mini-tools for publishers and societies who may already have existing WeChat accounts, as needed.
                          - Functions of these mini-tools can include: surveys, notifications (e.g. society/publisher news, call for papers, conferences, membership events, etc.)
                          - We answer inquiries online or to forward them to your team, as requested
                    • Publishers & societies can also utilize our WeChat account (which, as of Nov 2018, has over 80,000 active followers) to distribute key author engagement materials

                    Chinese Language Microsite Development (Author Tools Webpage)

                    We work closely with leading scholarly publishers and societies to develop Chinese microsite websites that drastically increase international author engagement. Our team has expert knowledge of how these pages should be structured and function given Chinese researcher needs and search patterns. We can help drive more traffic to your journal webpages and create awareness of your new journal submission initiatives or calls for papers. We can provide the following:

                    • Translate selected pages of your main website and host your microsites on a local .cn domain.
                    • Translate journal author guideline documents to help ESL authors better understand submission requirements
                    • Design the .cn in the same style of your existing website(s) to retain the precise branding look and feel you specify. Branding can be customized to your needs.
                    • Enhance local search engine discoverability and visibility.

                    Chinese Region Targeted Emailing and Telemarketing

                    LetPub staff have expertise to assist publishers & societies in the following ways:

                    • Launch of targeted digital marketing campaigns using the latest analytics and database tools
                    • Calls for papers posted on popular Chinese researcher tools, websites and platforms, including our interactive platform, LetPub’s Impact Factor Search and Journal Selector Tool, which is widely used by Chinese researchers with an average of 1.5 million views each month. Banners can be placed on our high visibility websites.
                    • Press release writing (in Chinese or English or both) accompanied by distribution to target regions and research institutions and universities. All of your marketing materials can be produced/reproduced in Chinese in print or digital formats with access to our graphic design team, as needed.

                    We are delighted to support your organization and provide the best author services and engagement worldwide. Please use the form below to send us an inquiry.

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