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                    Plain-language summaries (sometimes referred to as lay summaries, supplements, or primers, depending on the journal) are an emerging trend in the scholarly publishing field. Many publishers and journals are encouraging authors to expand their impact by summarizing important results for readers of all backgrounds. Publishers and journals now see great value in providing content tailored for specific audiences; in this way the general public can be more easily informed and publishers, journals, and authors can engage with more readers. We are excited to help our author and journal partners improve scientific literacy and provide readers with new windows into their important work.

                    LetPub authors can now select our plain-language (PL) summary service option to broaden the impact of their article and reach a wider audience. Plain-language summaries help readers from various backgrounds easily understand key research findings.

                    What is it?

                    A quick snapshot of key research points written in a nontechnical style. Tailoring your message to a broad audience will help get your findings noticed by other scientists as well as readers from all backgrounds who might be interested in understanding, sharing, discussing, or citing your work.

                    Who will write it?

                    An expert Accdon LetPub scientific writer will communicate your research findings accurately using nontechnical language. A senior QC reviewer will check the summary for quality assurance and accuracy.

                    Our editors’ mastery of the language and their abundant experience editing journal articles can meet the strictest reviewer requirements, presenting papers to the world in accurate, publication-ready English.

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