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                    Partnering with Publishers, Journals, and Societies

                    editing & translation, manuscript screening & formatting, author outreach & resources, Journal awareness & publication visibility

                    Rome wasn't built in a day; neither are high impact scholarly publications. That's why we pay special attention to every detail; we never cut corners. We partner with publishers, journals, and societies to provide the most reliable and innovative author services. We help publishers, journals, and societies expand their author-journal relationships and maximize their global reach.

                    LetPub has partnered with over a hundred peer-reviewed journals and scholarly societies. We know what it takes to support high-quality scholarship.

                    LetPub's services support your publication efforts. Every piece of text can be improved with editing. Here's what we can do for you:

                    • Revise awkward or incorrect English
                    • Improve the flow of paragraphs and entire manuscript sections
                    • Clarify subject-specific details
                    • Ensure consistency and adherence to your style guide
                    Editorial Services

                    English Language Editing – Don't let influential research go unpublished because of language problems. Whatever the author's native language, we will ensure your document is ready for publication.

                    • Expert proofreading for spelling, grammar, punctuation, word choice, sentence structure, clarity, and flow.
                    • US-based team composed of seasoned editors and translators who specialize in fields as varied as chemistry, clinical sciences, computer science, engineering, ecology, life sciences, mathematics, physics, and social sciences.

                    Scientific Editing – Our Scientific Editing service provides you with a detailed review from the keen eye of an expert in your particular field to ensure data and conclusions stand up to scrutiny.

                    • Scientific editing is more extensive than language editing.
                    • It provides detailed suggestions and revisions regarding the manuscript's structure, logic, and field-specific wording by senior researchers or professors who are experts with extensive experience in publishing research and review articles who, in many cases, have served as reviewers for prestigious scientific journals.

                    Translation – LetPub offers translation services for abstracts and entire manuscripts.

                    • Manuscripts are assigned only to bilingual translators with a matching academic background for accurate interpretation and elegant organization without losing the original arguments and conclusions.
                    • Non-native English speaking researchers can use their time for research, not nuanced translations, and express their ideas in the most effective way possible.
                    • Journals can reach new audiences and increase their impact with our editorial assistance.
                    Translation options include:
                    • Chinese, Portuguese, Spanish, or Japanese to English
                    • English to Chinese
                    Translated texts go through several rounds of editing to ensure accuracy and native-level language.
                    • Translation
                    • Bilingual review
                    • Language edit
                    • Final review and edit

                    Pre-Peer Review Manuscript Screening

                    As scholars ourselves, we understand the demands of academic publication. Before a document is subjected to the peer-review process, use LetPub's screening process to increase your organization's efficiency. We provide the following services:

                    Scope check
                    We'll take a close look at the manuscript and the target journal to ensure that the document is a good fit for the publication.
                    Plagiarism check
                    Even if the plagiarism isn't intentional, unoriginal text cannot be published. We'll help make sure the words are the author's own work, and we'll check for proper citations.
                    Language check
                    Proper English is critical in English-language publications. Our editors are all US-based native speakers of English with vast academic experience.
                    Formatting check
                    Our editing experts will ensure that formatting meets publisher requirements and is consistent.

                    Formatting Service

                    Keeping up with a publisher's specific formatting requirements should not be stressful. Our formatting service will ensure that the manuscript is formatted precisely to your publication's specifications.

                    Figure formatting

                    Precise figures are critical to helping a reader understand key points and read between the lines. They also support an author's arguments and conclusions. LetPub edits images, figures, and tables to ensure:

                    • High quality
                    • Readability
                    • Compliance with publisher requirements

                    Often, authors do not fully understand a journal's requirements and publication ethics. They may struggle to navigate the publication process. It becomes time-consuming for journals and publishers to communicate with authors and guide them through the process. LetPub can help you bridge this gap.

                    We collaborate with international research institutions, journals, publishers, and societies to offer educational workshops. Our experienced trainers and publication experts understand author challenges and can customize their training materials for any audience.

                    Workshops & Seminars
                    We deliver workshops and seminars to major international institutions to help authors from all over the world learn to write publishable, meaningful material that contributes to their research fields.
                    An online seminar with interactive Q&A is a convenient alternative to multi-venue workshop tours. Common seminar topics include improving scientific writing, understanding publication ethics, and tackling the publication process.
                    Online Resources
                    We host an extensive library of online resources that can answer your authors' questions about academic writing. We also offer an outstanding journal selection tool to help authors connect with journals and discover new publications.
                    We actively coach international researchers on scientific writing.
                    We actively coach international researchers on scientific writing.

                    Journal Awareness – We gather data and details on a variety of journals in one place, making it easy for authors to find the right publications for their work. Our publication information comes from journal editors, submitting authors, public sources, and industry data. With the resources we provide, authors can make more educated decisions about which journals to target. We let authors know about new publications in their fields. We also help authors understand publication ethics and open access.

                    Publication Visibility – Academic publishing has grown more competitive in recent years. With the increase in research output and the rise of digital media, today's researchers must be proactive in making their work more visible. We help authors from around the world learn new ways to broaden their audiences and make their research more accessible.

                    We are delighted to support your organization and provide the best author services and engagement worldwide. Please use the form below to send us an inquiry.

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