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                    Selecting a reputable journal in which to present your work to the world is an enormous part of any publishing strategy. It is crucial to the evaluation and selection of research grants. Some fields have thousands of journals, and most authors find the selection process difficult. Choosing the wrong journal can mean rejection or a long review, both of which delay publication.

                    Our expert scientific editing team is made up of professionals from a wide range of fields, all of whom are frequently invited to serve as reviewers by scientific journals. They have experience publishing articles of all types (e.g., original research, reviews, case reports, surveys, and short communications). They will assess the key factors in your paper and recommend suitable journals to ensure an efficient publication process.


                    Our team will recommend three target journals with the following details:

                    • A comprehensive assessment of article content, analyze its main strengths and weaknesses, and evaluate the logical structure and innovative contributions made.
                    • A brief description of each recommended journal, listing its scope, impact factors and trends of impact in recent years, types of articles received, word limitations, publishing fees, and other relevant information.
                    • Cost: $260; delivered in 3 business days.
                    * You can also include special requirements, such as excluding select journals, restricting impact ranges, etc.

                    How it works

                    Click on Get Started and you will be directed to the inquiry form.
                    Upload your document and fill out the form.
                    Within 3 business days, you will receive a full journal recommendation report.


                    Do you guarantee acceptance by one of the journals you recommend?

                    Our Journal Recommendation report is designed to provide useful information about journals that may be a good fit for your paper based on the content of your work. Acceptance by a journal will be determined entirely by the journal’s editorial staff, not LetPub. The LetPub Journal Recommendation service is journal-independent and will not communicate directly with journal Editors about your manuscript. We are here to support you throughout the publication process but cannot guarantee journal acceptance.

                    What if my paper is rejected and I need more recommendations?

                    We will offer 2 complimentary recommendations during your first follow up, should the original 3 journals not accept your paper.

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