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                    China Marketing Strategy Services for Publishers & Societies

                    Research output in China has exponentially increased over recent years. A 2018 US National Science Foundation study found China to be the top ranking country in terms of volume of total scientific papers published. International publishers are increasingly seeking to strengthen their sales and marketing penetration into the region as well as looking to grow their content portfolio through Chinese editions, co-sponsored and co-published publications.

                    While many international scholarly publishers and academic societies are seeking to develop successful marketing, sales, and social media campaigns to better engage Chinese authors and grow submission & membership rates, successful expansion into this market can be fraught with difficulties or lack luster performance if publishers or societies do not map out careful strategies in partnership with professionals who speak the language and have professional ties with local researchers and institutions.

                    LetPub staff have years of Chinese market expertise and a long history of providing editorial, publishing, & business-development related services pertaining to China. Our Impact Factor Search and Journal Selector Tool is widely used by Chinese researchers with an average of 1.5 million views each month and is ranked as one of the most popular websites in the scholarly publishing community in China.

                    To help publishers, independent journals, and academic societies better engage Chinese researchers, we offer our publishing partners the following three customizable
                    support services:

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