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                    Author Education Seminars to Increase Awareness

                    LetPub regularly collaborates with international research institutions, journals, publishers, and societies to offer author educational seminars. Seminars for authors that provide essential information are a great way to 1) provide valuable insights for researchers who are producing important work and considering target journal options and 2) increase awareness for international publishers and academic societies looking to engage new authors and audiences.:

                    • Speakers from partnering international institutions, journals, and academic societies.
                    • Experienced event organization and logistics management with custom audience size.

                    Chinese Conference & Exhibition Support

                    • Background research and suggest key scholarly conferences and exhibitions that are relevant for your journals and business development needs.
                    • Representation and feedback collection from attendees on your behalf
                    • Exhibition design and distribution of marketing materials
                    Chinese Conference & Exhibition Support Chinese Conference & Exhibition Support

                    We are delighted to support your organization and provide the best author services and engagement worldwide. Please use the form below to send us an inquiry.

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